Band Lineups for 2014 – 2015 Posted

Here is a link to look at our band lineups for next year.

We just concluded our auditions a few minutes ago and I was very pleased with everyone who played. In order to keep the
integrity of both band groups I cannot, of course, take everyone no matter how much I wanted to. I have to try to keep both
groups with enough strong players to be able to get a good sound.

I will be doing more with student leaders in both groups next year so I would encourage anyone that is willing to talk to me
in August about being a student leader and mentor in the fall.

Once again, I was very very impressed with everyone’s playing and I hope they have a great weekend!

Thank you

Mr. Bryan Scott
White Station Middle School
Memphis, TN 38120
phone: 901-416-2081

Photos Needed!

Good day Spartan Band students and parents. Welcome to our new virtual home.

We are looking for photos to use on this site.  The photos can be from any band event, whether it is a concert or the trip to St. Louis in April.  To have a photo included on our Spartan pages, please email them here:  Be sure to include your child’s name, and a small description of the event.

Also, feel free to contact us at any time with any news related to the WSMS Spartan Band. You can reach us easily on the ‘Contact Us‘ section of this site.

Kind Regards,

The WSMS Spartan Band Booster Club