Beginning Band Instrument Rental Meeting – WSMS Auditorium

Good day Spartan Band Members and Supporters.

This week on Tuesday, 8/26/2014, there will be a chance to meet with Amro Music in the Auditorium to help pick out an instrument for your beginning band students.  This meeting is for those students who are new to band this year, and have not yet made arrangements to have an instrument.  To help make the meeting run more smoothly, a schedule has been set up based on the type of instrument your student will be playing.

Tuesday August 26th
Beginning Band Rental Meeting
6 pm – Woodwinds
7 pm – Brass and Percussion

You are not required to get your band students instrument from Amro Music, and this meeting is being arranged to make your task of selecting an instrument easier.  Amro will apply the amount of your rental agreement to a more advanced instrument should you decide to purchase an upgrade next year.

Please let us know if you have any questions. You can email us at for questions.

Kind Regards,

The WSMS Spartan Band Boosters