Results for 2015 All West Auditions

Good Day Spartan Band Members and Supporters.

Congratulations to the WSMS Spartan Band members who were selected to participate in the 2015 All-West Band Clinic-Concert. Many of our band students met at Arlington High School on January 17th for the audition.  Of that group the following students were chosen to participate in All-West.

Abbie Friedman – Clarinet – 14th Chair Red
Anna Fowler – Flute – 8th Chair Gold
Janona Pirlepesova – Clarinet – 19th Chair Red
Jessica Lam – Oboe – 1st Chair Blue
Kate Bingham – Percussion – 8th Chair Gold
Kyle Gan – Percussion – 1st Chair RedWoo-Hoo
Lilian Yang – Clarinet – 9th Chair Red
Matthew Lee – Bassoon – 1st Chair Red
Nicole Li – Clarinet – 10th Chair Blue
Sam Baker – Trombone – 1st Chair Red
Siby Suriyan – Clarinet – 23rd Chair Red
Xinje Huang – Clarinet – 3rd Chair Blue

These students are yet another example of why we are so proud of our band.  Thank you to all of the band members who auditioned for the All-West event. Whether you were selected to participate or not, we applaud your effort.  Keep up the good work.

Kind Regards,

WSMS Spartan Band Boosters