Booster Meeting Minutes from FEB 5, 2015.

Good day Spartan Band Members and Supporters.

The following information was copied from the meeting minutes of the Feb 5, 2015 Spartan Band Booster Meeting. (Thank you Mrs.  Parkison for taking the meeting minutes.)

White Station Middle School
Spartan Band Boosters Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2015

Mr. Scott opened the meeting at 6:30 PM.

Welcome and Band News:
Mr. Scott thanked the boosters for their financial support of his attendance at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago, which he attended in December. He reviewed some of the ideas he got while there, including different reward systems, ways to build leaders, and ways to help students feel valued. Next year he will look into attending a conference that is specific to middle school bands and building student leaders.

Twelve WSMS band students were selected for the bands and there were also a few alternates. Mr. Scott was pleased so many students were selected. He stressed that All-West is a gateway to auditions and can ultimately lead to scholarships. For example, he said All-State bands are usually guaranteed scholarships for the students who make it. He has given scores back to all students who auditioned for All-West, and mentioned that much of the judging is subjective. This year’s All-West concerts are on Friday, Feb. 13, free, and open to the public

Memphis Area Honors Band:
Several WSMS students played in the Memphis Area Honors Band recently at Overton High School. Mr. Scott recommended 20 of his students and 16 participated. This honors band is for 6th through 8th grade.

Updated Girls’ Concert Attire:
Based on one or more parents’ comments about dresses at the December concert, the girls’ dress code for concerts was discussed. Mr. Scott said some girls weren’t sitting as appropriately as they could on stage. Subsequently he had asked a school counselor to discuss with them how to sit. He opened the floor for comments and discussion regarding a solution that would be acceptable to all. Suggestions included using the school uniform skirt length, requiring long dresses, changing the dress code next year, and/or talking with the girls before the next concert. After some discussion, it was decided:
• The dress code will not change this year.
• Mr. Scott has permission from parents to discuss band posture (i.e. how to sit) with the students.
• At or before the next concert, a female parent will remind the girls how to sit appropriately in a dress on stage.
• Mr. Scott will find out what the concert dress code is at WSHS and recommend WSMS follow the same dress code next year.

Private Instructors:
Mr. Scott would like to have private instructors available for the remainder of this school year and beginning of next school year. He would like for clarinet, double reed, brass, and flute instructors will be paid $50 every other week. They will work mainly with beginning classes.

Memphis Music Foundation:
Guest speaker Dr. Sabrina Hu of the Memphis Music Foundation spoke about the purpose of MMF. This is an extra layer of help for music students. One of the areas they focus on is setting up chamber groups, so that students can learn better with an instructor and smaller group of peers. The chamber groups may do a performance at the end of the semester. MMF will also fund a field trip for the students to the Rock N’ Soul Museum. Ten MMF “fellows” are currently working in schools. By 2017 the plan for MMF is to have 50 fellows in place.

Booster Updates – Old Business:
Carrie Skinner, Band Booster President, thanked parents for the cookie donations at the holiday concert. Fundraiser profits so far are:
• Holiday bake sale – $600
• Concert program ads – $865
• Papa John’s Pizza cards – $1,372

Booster Updates – New Business:
46 people have signed up for the Atlanta trip, and Mr. Scott is aware of a few more. The cost is now $415.00 per student. Mr. Scott said he needs more parents to go on the trip; currently 3 parents are signed up. Next year he will probably open up the trip to beginning band students.

Parent Speaker:
Susan Bingham has a son in the WSHS band, in addition to her daughter in the WSMS band. She encouraged parents to have their students stay in the band through the high school. She said marching band is mandatory the first two years, and in her experience has been a great way for the students to make friends. In the past, band camp has been during July – usually during the day and a third week at night. During the school year practices are usually two afternoons per week, and football games are on Friday nights.

Open Forum:
Mr. Scott mentioned a few upcoming events:
• March 3, the Army jazz band will be playing at 10:25 for the school.
• March 10 or 11 will be the concert festival, a local event conducted in a school. The band will play two selections in front of judges, who rate the band on a scale of 1 to 5.
• April 21 and 23 are the spring concerts, at 6:30 PM.