Upcoming events

Here are some upcoming events for the bands. Please pay attention to what groups are involved.

All West Auditions (Arlington High School)

January 14
Audition Times :http://wsmsspartanband.org/all-west-info/

All West Clinic (Cannon Center)

February 9th, 10th, 11th
Students selected from the All West Auditions will participate. These students will miss school a half day on Thursday and all day on Friday.

Spring Concert #1 (WSMS)

March 2nd 6:30pm
This will involve only students in Concert and Symphonic bands only. I would highly encourage students in the beginning bands to come and watch.

Concert Festival (Colonial MS)

March 7th or 8th
This will involve Symphonic Band students only

Memphis Solo and Ensemble (Elmore Park MS)

April 1
Times :TBA
This will involve students from Concert and Symphonic Bands that want to participate as a soloist or in a small group.

Spring Concert #2 (WSMS)

May 4th 6:30pm
This concert will involve all band students.