All West Info

January 13 2018

  1. All auditions will take place at :                                                              Jackson North Side HS, 3066 N Highland Ave.                          Jackson, TN-38305
  2. Students must audition at their assigned time.  Please plan ahead.
  3. Arrive at least 30 minutes before your assigned audition time.
  4. Students must report to their sign-in table 10 minutes before their audition time.
  5. Students with late afternoon times must be on campus by 3:00pm.


Amyah Wright Bass Clarinet 12:17pm
Selah Keegin Bassoon 10:44am
Uddish Sood Bassoon 11:28am
Amrutha Kosanam Clarinet 8:27am
Grace Chang Clarinet 2:32pm
Justin Blessike Clarinet 12:59pm
Mhyla McCurrie Clarinet 9:42am
Perry Shu Clarinet 10:21am
Sandy Nguyen Clarinet 3:05pm
Sophia Aiello Clarinet 11:21am
Sydney Berry Clarinet 8:30am
Kenyon Carney Clarinet 11:24am
Rishabh Sen Clarinet 8:57am
Tejkaushik Maradana Clarinet 2:52pm
Cayenne Stephens Flute 9:18am
Dhrithi Kota Flute 11:18am
Ray Wu Flute 10:00am
Shaniya Thomas Flute 8:39am
Vijval Nataraja Flute 10:18am
Arianna Hong Flute 12:56pm
Alice Yuan Flute 8:24am
Angela Yuan Flute 8:27am
Ellie Pappas Flute 10:48am
Spoorthi Marada Flute 11:06am
Nora Compton Flute 8:57am
Jake Baxter French Horn 11:34am
Lingyu Li French Horn 12:52pm
Preston Brent French Horn 8:22am
Gabriel Webb French Horn 2:14pm
Maya Woods French Horn 1:58pm
Alice Chao Oboe 8:16am
Amanda Zhou Oboe 8:38am
Mia Perez Percussion 9:24am
Ben Fowler Percussion 1:58pm
Tyler Dooley Percussion 10:12am
Sean Turner Percussion 2:22pm
Cash Smothers Percussion 2:30pm
Julian Hunter Percussion 9:32am
Ashton Frisina Percussion 9:00am
Ethan Yang Sax 8:48am
Tylan Williams Sax 11:51am
Zach Anderson Sax 8:57am
Cailyn Clark Sax 9:24am
Caroline Garcia Trombone 1:24pm
Leslie Avila Trombone 9:06am
Lindsey Ziegler Trombone 2:02pm
Sharvika Natra Trombone 10:16am
Noah Keeton Trombone 1:46pm
William Darling Trombone 9:11am
Coleman Stephens Trumpet 1:17pm
Colin King Trumpet 2:50pm
Forrest Dixon Trumpet 1:47pm
Jacqueline Krupinski Trumpet 1:41pm
Isabelle Smith Trumpet 1:14pm
Becca Crislip Tuba 1:40pm
Dale Davis Tuba 11:06am
Shreya Ganesh Tuba 3:14pm

I highly encourage everyone to try to carpool. I cannot provide transportation to the auditions because of the nature of the event. We would have to stay from the time the first person auditions until the last person finishes.

I will be onsite the entire time and if there are any questions or concerns please call or text me at 901-308-4469.

Mr. Bryan Scott
Director of Bands


This past weekend 20 Spartan Band members participated in the annual All West Honor Band. They were among the top musicians in all of West Tennessee. These students performed a great concert on Saturday that showcased some of the best musicianship for their age groups.


Thank you!