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2017 – Fall Trip

The Fall trip is October 20, 21, and 22. If you would like your child to go on our trip please sign up by calling Thomas Tours at 800-292-0470. I am attaching a brochure for the trip. There are several students who have raised money to help pay for it. The exact amount will be applied right before we leave so you will need to make payments but you will get a refund if you pay for your trip and your child has raised money. If you would like to know how much your child has raised simply email me and I will tell you the exact amount.

If we don’t get more people signed up soon we will be forced to cancel our trip. 

We will be going to Dallas Symphony, Six Flags, Dallas Aquarium, and have 5 meals included for $485. 

Please review the attached brochure and sign up asap!!!!

Thank you!