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Upcoming Events for the WSMS Spartan Band

Good day Spartan Band Members and Booster Club Supporters. There are several important events happening over the next few weeks, so we are adding an extra post that details our upcoming events .

Deadline for Reserving Concert Program Add Space – November 24. 

Once again this year we will be selling advertising space in the program for the winter band concert, being held on December 10th, to raise money for the Band Booster Club.  Ad spaces are available for $50 for a quarter page, $100 for a half page or $200 for a full page.  If you have a business or know of a business that would be interested in advertising in the winter program then please contact Rachel Sturdivant at to reserve your space.  Ad spaces for 2-3 and 12-15 have already been sold.  Payment can be made with a check made out to School Seed and artwork should be in pdf format.  The order form for your AD space can be found here.

We will also be selling “shout-outs” for $15 each.  This is an opportunity for you to personalize a message for your band student.  Shout-outs will be sold at the upcoming Band Booster Club meeting.


WSMS Spartan Band Booster Meeting – December 1 @ 6:30 PM

To be held in the WSMS Auditorium on Tuesday, December 1st at 6:30 p.m.  If you would like to purchase a shout-out then please bring either cash or a check to the meeting.  Ad Order forms will also be available at the meeting.   Attending the booster meetings is the best way to stay involved with the WSMS Booster Club as we strive to support our wonderful band students.


WSMS Spartan Band Winter Concert – December 10 @ 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM.trumpet

Our band students get to show us what they’ve learned, and entertain us at the same time.  No holiday season is complete without the fun event. Do your friends and family a favor and invite them to this concert.

Kind Regards,

WSMS Spartan Band Boosters

Booster Meeting Review: 4-14-2015

Good day Spartan Band Members and Supporters

Our recent Band Booster meeting on 4/14/2015 was another great success.  We had an good sized turnout, and there were many questions regarding the upcoming band trip.  Here are the minutes from that meeting.  Thank you Mrs. Parkison for taking minutes during the meeting. For a downloadable version of the file, click here.

Mr. Scott opened the meeting at 6:40 PM.

Atlanta Band Trip Itinerary

Mr. Scott read the list of students who still need to turn in their medical forms for the trip. He reviewed the itinerary for the trip, which leaves at 6:00 AM this Friday, 4/17 and returns at 10:00 PM this Sunday, 4/19. The band will perform in the festival at 9:45 AM on Saturday. He addressed questions about dress code. Concert attire (black pants or dresses) will be worn when the band plays and Spartan Band shirts (or another green shirt) is required for Saturday at Six Flags. T-shirts are required over two-piece swimsuits. He will e-mail a rooming list to the parents.

Upcoming Band Concerts

The next concerts are April 21 for 7th and 8th grade beginning bands and concert band. April 23 is the 6th grade beginning band and symphonic band. Both concerts are at 6:30.

New Band Booster Officers

Mr. Scott encouraged parents to consider becoming involved by volunteering as an officer. He said he will conduct elections at an upcoming meeting, possibly in May or early June. A sign-up list was provided for those interested parents to sign up for more information.

New Music Class

Mr. Scott will offer a new class next year, called World Music and Drumming. It can be taken in addition to a student’s regular band class, and would take the place of another exploratory class, such as a foreign language. He will teach several musical styles through history, to be taught on Brazilian drums. There will be over 30 drums. This class will be unique to Memphis; there are no other schools with classes like this one.

Possible New Fundraisers

Wayne’s Candy Company will probably be the new band fundraiser next year. The individual candy boxes (similar to movie theater candy), valued at $.50 would be sold for $1.00 each. Emily Fowler offered other ideas for fundraisers, such as a Chik-fil-A spirit night or selling Chik-fil-A calendars.

Band Booster President

President Carrie Skinner read a letter thanking the booster parents for their support, reiterating the mission of the band boosters, and encouraging continued participation. She encouraged parents to consider becoming an officer, and announced that a new position, Communications Specialist, would be added to the board. Patrick Parkison will continue as Webmaster for the 2015-16 school year, transitioning summer of 2016. The website fees have been paid in advance for next year (through summer 2016). The band boosters’ account balance is $8,249.60.

Other items reviewed by Carrie included:

  • Carrie encouraged the purchase of a band t-shirt (available at the meeting) for those students without one.
  • She announced that the opportunity to purchase concert program ads would be offered to the parents, before selling them to the general public.
  • The band’s end-of-year BBQ picnic will occur the last week of school, probably on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday.
  • Awards for departing 8th graders will be given at the upcoming concert.

That is all for now. Have a great day, and thank you for the support you are providing.

Kind Regards,

WSMS Spartan Band Boosters