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Concert Festival Results

White Station Middle School was represented well once again by our students!NumberOne

Both groups performed really well and I was very proud of them. All groups get scored on a rating scale listed below.
1 – Superior
2 – Excellent
3 – Good
4 – Fair
5 – Poor

Concert Band received a 2 in prepared music and a 1 in sight reading.
Symphonic Band received a 1 in prepared music and a 1 in sight reading.

TrophyWith a day that involved most groups receiving 3s and 4s I was very pleased with the results. The judges were tough and our band proved themselves and came out on top!

Please congratulate our students for a job well done!

Thank you
Mr. Bryan Scott
Director of Bands
White Station Middle School
Memphis, TN 38120
phone: 901-308-4469